Think Deleted Text Messages Are Gone Forever? Think Again

CIO – Last month, National Football League special investigator Ted Wells delivered a shocking report about Miami Dolphins player   Richie Incognito’s bullying tactics aimed at teammate Jonathan Martin. At the heart of the report: More than 1,000 text messages,   many of them outrageously explicit, that Incognito and Martin swapped between October 2012 and November 2013.

Wells most likely had access to both Martin’s and Incognito’s phones and possibly even backup laptops, which would hugely   aid in the recovery of text messages. Yet some of these messages were no doubt deleted. How was Wells’ investigative team   able to access year-old deleted text messages?

For most CIOs, text messages on an employee’s “bring your own device” phone are a blind spot. That is, text messages don’t go through the corporate network and thus are unmonitored and presumed unrecoverable when deleted.   Even phone companies supposedly don’t store content of text messages.  (Read More)

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