No joke, iPhone 5S Touch ID faces hack bounty

The iPhone 5S won’t hit the streets until tomorrow, but there’s already more than $16,000 in cash offered to the first person to hack its Touch ID fingerprint sensor. is the brainchild of Nick DePetrillo, an independent security researcher whose last major public research was 2010’s Carmen San Diego Project.

Soon after DePetrillo promoted the Touch ID site on Twitter, he was joined by Robert David Graham, a security researcher at Errata Security who created one of the first personal firewalls, and most recently the sidejacking technique for “eavesdropping” on browser cookies. Graham manages the pledges and runs

At the time of writing, the overall bounty is valued at more than $16,000. The cash bounty stands at $14,609 in US dollars, two-thirds of which comes from one researcher, and 8.151159 BitCoin, which currently converts to US$1,021. Other incentives include a free application from CipherLaw to patent the hack; several bottles of alcohol including Laphroaig, Maker’s Mark, Argentine wine, Patron Silver, and Bulleit bourbon; a “dirty sex book,” and an iPhone 5C.  (Read More)

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