‘MiniDuke’ malware takes aim at Euro governments via Adobe

A new attack is targeting European governments through flaws exploited in Adobe’s Reader software, according to security researchers.

Kaspersky Lab and CrySys Lab today detailed a new malicious program in the wild, called “MiniDuke,” that has been attacking government entities and institutions across Europe. Government entities in the Ukraine, Portugal, Romania, and others have been targeted, according to the security researcher.

MiniDuke finds its way to infected computers through PDFs. The malicious hackers — who Kaspersky believes might have been dormant for some time because of the technique’s similarity to those from the late-1990s — have developed very believable and seemingly real PDFs. Once the file is downloaded to a computer, the exploit, which was written in Assembler and is only 20KB in size, takes advantage of unpatched flaws in Reader versions 9, 10, and 11.¬† (Read More)

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