Web to ship

A client had a significant process problem in their consumer wine business. 100% of their orders required a CSR to contact the customer to change the product or shipping requirements. After a quick review of the process, it was determined that the web site contained incorrect and obsolete information. In addition, the site offered the full product line to all visitors even though most of the products had shipping and quantity limitations. Unfortunately, the shipping limitations existed in several places including hand written notes in customer service. To automate this process, we first modified and updated the current ERP to accept compliance data by state. Once the data existed in a central location, it was possible to create a daily upload to the web site that included the current products and their shipping limitations. The final adjustment required a change to the web site for the visitor to provide the ship-to state early in the process so that the products served up on the web site were available to ship to their location. The result was the complete elimination of customer service involvement in routine web orders.

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