Why you shouldn’t watch Obama throw punches on Twitter

If you get a direct message on Twitter telling you to click a link to watch a video of President Barack Obama punching a guy, don’t do it.

Spammers are using the idea of the president retaliating against someone for calling him the n-word to steal Twitter passwords and deliver malware to computers, security company PandaLabs noted today.

It’s a scheme that uses the names of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for nefarious purposes, with spammers creating fake pages to dupe unsuspecting Twitter users.

The scam involves sending a Twitter direct message that reads “Check out Obama punch a guy in the face for calling him a n*****,” along with a link that starts with a Facebook.com prefix. The link leads to a fake Facebook page that asks for Twitter credentials, which will then be used to hijack the link-clicker’s account and allow spammers to continue the vicious cycle by messaging that person’s Twitter contacts. (Read More)

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