Q3 malware costs advertisers $900,000 every day

Kindsight’s Q3 malware report suggests that 13 percent of household networks were infected in Q3, and 6.5 percent of broadband networks are infected with high-level threats.

The network security firm’s latest Security Labs Malware Report examined general trends for malware infections in home networks or infections in mobile devices, and computers connected through mobile adapters. 13 percent of home networks were infected with malware in Q3 2012, which is down slightly from 14 percent in Q2. 6.5 percent were infected with serious threats including bots, rootkits and trojans focused on stealing financial details.

The main infection method is through malicious websites that probe for computer vulnerabilities including Alureon, ZeroAccess, Zeus or SpyEye. In addition, phishing emails are a popular method of infection. (Read More)

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