Localized Dorkbot malware variant spreading across Skype

Security researchers from Avast have intercepted a currently spreading Darkbot malware campaign, that’s affecting millions of Skype users.

The malware spreads by messaging all of your contacts with a bogus “new profile picture message“. It targets all the major Web browsers, and is also capable of distributing related malware such as Ransomware/LockScreen, as well as steal accounting data for major social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as related services such as GoDaddy, PayPal and Netflix.

What’s particularly worth emphasizing on in regard to this malware variant, is that the messages used by the cybercriminals behind it have been localized to 31 different languages, with the malicious attackers relying on the GetLocaleInfo API function to ensure that they’ve properly geolocated the host. (Read More)

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