California beefing up privacy-protection enforcement

The Attorney General’s office of California today announced a new Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit in the state’s Department of Justice that will hold companies accountable for safeguarding consumer data.

The newly created unit will reside within the eCrime Unit established last year to prosecute identity theft, data intrusions and crimes involving the use of technology. The office will enforce privacy protections using existing state and federal laws that regulate how companies can collect, store, use and destroy personal data, as well as educate consumers on their rights and help industry develop best practices, said Travis LeBlanc, Special Assistant Attorney General for Technology for California.

“We believe we are trailblazing in this area, bringing together an enforcement and an education function,” he said in an interview last night. “We have a specific constitutional right in California to privacy, and it’s an inalienable right.” (Read More)

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