Security firm: Android malware pandemic by year’s end

The following is an article from CNET.  While the title is alarming, individuals practicing net safety are not impacted.  Drop me an email if you need more information on safe use of the Internet.  (Email Fred)

Android malware levels are rising at an alarming rate, according to antivirus maker Trend Micro.

The security firm said at the start of the year, it had found more than 5,000 malicious applications designed to target Google’s Android mobile operating system, but the figure has since risen to about 20,000 in recent months.

By the coming third-quarter, the firm estimates there will be around 38,000 malware samples, and close to 130,000 in the fourth-quarter.

If Trend Micro is forecasting the numbers correctly, it won’t be a flu epidemic you’ll be worried about come winter: it’ll be an Android malware pandemic.

Google Play has also been used as a platform to distribute malicious data-stealing or privacy-infringing apps — arguably the source of many of the malicious apps.

ZDNet’s Ryan Naraine warned this time last year that it was Google’s “inability” to keep malware-ridden apps out of the then-named Android Market that has led to an Android malware epidemic, and it even today it continues to be a “source of embarrassment” for the search turned mobile giant.  (Read More)


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