Cyber-Security Threats, Infrastructure Sabotage Rising: McAfee

Organizations need to shield themselves from the rising threat of cyber-attacks and sophisticated sabotage directed at IT infrastructure, according to a report issued by security specialist McAfee and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a federal contractor to the U.S. Department of Energy. The report examines the challenges facing infrastructure and resources as well as identifying specific risks and vulnerabilities in the ever-evolving cyber-threat landscape.

Among the main threats was an increase in access points to devices and IT infrastructure due to expanding communications networks, which results in increased exposure to potential attacks, as well as increased automation, where networks gathering large amounts of data could pose new risks to security. The report also notes cyber-attacks have evolved into a sophisticated and carefully designed digital-weapon tasked for a specific intent, such as the Stuxnet and Duqu viruses, and examines how emerging vulnerabilities of control systems continue to accelerate. (Read More)

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