New Jersey lawmakers want copier hard drives wiped to prevent ID theft

Is printing dangerous? It definitely has privacy and security implications, according to many.

The New Jersey legislature, for instance, this week passed a bill (A-1238) that says copy machines and scanners should have  their hard drives erased or otherwise modified to make sure records stored digitally on them are no longer viewable after   the owner gets rid of the machines. That’s according to the Courier Post Online, which says the bill’s sponsors, New Jersey legislators Paul Moriarty, Herb Conaway and Dan Benson, view this as a way to   prevent identity theft when digital copiers and scanners are sold on to others.

The penalty for not doing that in the way demanded under the bill could run as high as $2,500, and while some might view this   as legislative overkill, the concept that printing on digital machines can have privacy and security implications has been   long understood by industry experts.  (Read More)

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