Facebook, LinkedIn Used by Employers for Monitoring: Gartner

It might be worth thinking about keeping your friends close, but keeping your Facebook friends carefully cordoned off from the eyes of your employers, if a recent report from IT research firm Gartner is any indication. The study found that corporate monitoring of employee behavior on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn will rise to 60 percent by 2015, as businesses look to crack down on possible security breaches and incidents.

“The growth in monitoring employee behavior in digital environments is increasingly enabled by new technology and services,” Andrew Walls, research vice president of Gartner said in a prepared statement. “Surveillance of individuals, however, can both mitigate and create risk, which must be managed carefully to comply with ethical and legal standards.”

The report noted that the old way of monitoring employee activity, mainly through internal networks, has been rendered largely ineffective and obsolete by the rise of cloud computing and consumer-focused social media platforms. As a result, businesses must reassess how enterprise security is implemented and managed. While businesses already use social media monitoring in marketing or brand-management capacities, the report found that less than 10 percent of companies surveyed employ these monitoring techniques for security purposes.  (Read More)

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