IBM: Role of Chief Security Officer Is Evolving

An IBM study shows that CISOs are getting more pressure from top executives, but also are gaining a greater voice in their companies.

Senior executives in charge of security are finding their roles changing not only as they deal with the growing rates of data breaches and hacker attacks but also by the increasing interest from CEOs and others in the safety of their companies’ most valuable information, according to a survey from IBM.

As a result, chief information security officers (CISOs) are becoming a more significant presence in corporate boardrooms with a greater input into strategy, and also are shifting more toward risk management than simply reacting to one security incident after another, IBM’s Center for Applied Insights found in its study “Finding a Strategic Voice: Insights from the 2012 IBM Chief Information Security Officer Assessment.”

In the study, IBM interviewed 130 security executives from around the world. Results from the study were released May 3.

“This data painted a profile of a new class of CISO leaders who are developing a strategic voice, and paving the way to a more proactive and integrated stance on information security,” David Jarvis, author of the report and senior consultant at the IBM Center for Applied Insights, said in a statement. “We see the path of the CISO is now maturing in a similar pattern to the CFO from the 1970s, the CIO from the 1980s—from a technical one to a strategic business enabler. This demonstrates how integral IT security has become to organizations.” (Read More)

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