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Anonymous hacks Bureau of Justice, leaks 1.7GB of data

The hacktivist group Anonymous claims to have leaked 1.7GB of data belonging to the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). The file, which has been uploaded as a torrent and posted on The Pirate Bay, reportedly contains internal e-mails … Continue reading

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Massive Data Breach in Utah State Servers Caused by Configuration Errors

Last week, the director of Utah’s Department of Technology Services (DTS) resigned in the wake of a massive data breach that exposed the personal information of nearly 800,000 people to hackers believed to have been in Eastern Europe. The breach … Continue reading

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Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Users Hit by Zeus Debit Card Scam

malware campaign targeting Facebook, Google Mail, Hotmail and Yahoo user debit card data has been linked to the infamous Zeus Trojan. Zeus is one of the most prevalent pieces of financial malware on the Web. During the past several years, … Continue reading

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DC businessman loses thousands after clicking on wrong e-mail

Pay-per-click revenue in the online advertising business may be diminishing for traditional media publishers, but thieves increasingly are earning five- to seven-digit returns when victims click on a booby-trapped link or attachment sent via e-mail. The latest victim to learn … Continue reading

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‘Smishing’ Attacks Are on the Rise

Text messaging is the most common non-voice use of a mobile phone. There are trillions of text messages received around the   world each day, and an increasing number of them are spam, or phishing attacks of some sort. A report … Continue reading

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Apple security blunder exposes Lion login passwords in clear text

An Apple programmer, apparently by accident, left a debug flag in the most recent version of the Mac OS X operating system. In specific configurations, applying OS X Lion update 10.7.3 turns on a system-wide debug log file that contains … Continue reading

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IBM: Role of Chief Security Officer Is Evolving

An IBM study shows that CISOs are getting more pressure from top executives, but also are gaining a greater voice in their companies. Senior executives in charge of security are finding their roles changing not only as they deal with … Continue reading

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